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Abstract Flame

Exploring the Evidence

Get monthly research updates in hand therapy and hand surgery.


Monthly Focus Groups

This Monthly Focus Group will be a discussion amongst hand therapists on topics that impact daily practice from hand therapy clinic supplies, to efficient documentation, to challenges and opportunities of clinical practice. The goal is meaningful discourse that supports hand therapists. 

Our active discussion board allows members to indicate topics of interest so that discussions reflect member interests. 


Private FB Journal Club

As part of the fellowship we promote professional development through many means. Being able to critically appraise the evidence is a key attribute of clinicians that can effectively utilize current evidence-informed practices so our fellows post their critical appraisals to our Private Facebook Journal Club prior to completing their fellowship enrollment. 


Monthly Exercise Shorts

Knowing what exercises to choose to work on different goals can be challenging. We share simple exercise strategies for specific needs that are easy to replicate in the clinic or for home programs.


Monthly On-Demand
Guest Event

On occasion VHSF hosts free and open guest events. However, VHSF routinely has guest speakers present for our fellows. Members will get access to one guest event per month.


Monthly Test Your Knowledge Quiz

Every month take a 10 question

"Test Your Knowledge Quiz" to gain insights on areas of weakness and strength in your knowledge base. 


Monthly Anatomy &
Kinematics Shorts

Support your understanding of anatomy and kinematics with our many short videos we created for our virtual hand therapy fellowship.


Monthly Intervention Shorts

Learning strategies on how to manage scar tissue, or how to tape to support an unstable thumb CMC join are examples of the types of shorts you'll see in our interventions folder.

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