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Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC has always been about more than passing an exam. It's been about filling a knowledge gap for physical and occupational therapists in the highly specialized practice of upper limb & hand rehabilitation. Both physical and occupational therapists are educated as generalists, so VHSF was established to offer an accessible, affordable, evidence-based curriculum that educates clinicians as specialists. Thus, our comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum and mentorship have been our primary focus since the start of VHSF.

However, the success of our VHSF graduates has inspired us to broaden our horizons with a CHT exam prep curriculum based on one of the most important predictive factors of competency in hand therapy, clinical experience. To help in this endeavor, we're proud to introduce a past clinical hand therapy fellow, Heather Dailey, MOT, OTR/L, CHT. Learn more about Heather at the link below. 


The VHSF CHT Exam Prep uses the HTCC blueprint to map out topics for weekly lectures on challenging concepts, the case study discussion, and associated quizzes and CHT prep exams. The CHT Exam Prep offers two lives sessions that can also be done asynchronously via video and audio recordings available throughout enrollment. 

The six-month curriculum begins in May and November, but you can apply and begin anytime. 

6-month Enrollment Fee: $150.00/month

Access until you pass!

 *10% off for one-time payment 

**The program is discounted for our VHSF past or present fellows. 


Weekly Lecture on Complex Concepts: Wednesdays 8 pm (EST)
Weekly Case Study & Quiz: Saturdays 10 am (EST)

All sessions are video & audio recorded and can be completed asynchronously.


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