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CHT Exam Prep
From Specialist to Certified Hand Therapist

Enroll today to be ready for our May 11th start!! 


1. Knowledge

Our 24-week curriculum covers the full HTCC exam blueprint and hones in on complex concepts. An exam tracker offers recommended readings for each week and allows you to track quiz and exam outcomes as well as note areas of weakness. 


2. Confidence

CHT exam domains are covered within the context of weekly case studies which reinforce advance-level critical thinking skills.Our Saturday morning sessions invite discussions on interpreting diagnostic tests, differential diagnosis, conservative management, and surgical management with related therapy implications. 

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3. Competence

Exam preparation necessitates  taking a strategic approach with consideration to study timelines, exam content, learning strategies, and regular assessment of exam readiness. From our curriculum design, prep tracker, weekly study plans, and exam prep mentorship, our aim is to support everything from test anxiety to the development of needed critical thinking for exam success.


4. Mastery

Mastery for CHT exam readiness requires both practice and time. Our weekly quizzes and 4 practice exams, are tools to help you practice with 740 high rigor questions. The baseline and outcomes exams offer an additional 100 questions that help to assess your exam readiness. With 1-year access you've got time to practice. 

Enroll today to be ready for our May 11th start!! 

Enrollment Details


6-month cohorts begin in May and November. 

Enroll anytime to begin taking advantage of your 1-year access.

  • Weekly lecture

  • Weekly case study and quiz review

  • Live or on-demand sessions

  • Weekly study plan and tracker

  • Weekly recommended readings

  • Weekly quizzes 

  • Baseline exam

  • 3-100 question CHT practice exams

  • 1-200 question CHT practice exam

  • Outcomes exam

  • Encompasses HTCC blueprint

  • Current evidence

  • Includes exam strategies

  • Online learning community

  • Personalized guidance

  • Study aides

  • Mobile app

  • VHSF Membership

  • AOTA Approved to award 5.2 CEUs

  • 1-year access or until you pass

   * Conditions apply

Live Case Discussions are held on Saturdays at 10 am EST. 

All sessions are recorded and available asynchronously

Abstract Flame

"We've been educated as generalists. Our mission is to educate you as specialists."

- Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship


Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC

Bridging a Knowledge Gap in Upper Extremity & Hand Rehabilitation

Abstract Flame

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