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Why VHSF? 

     The Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC, was established to address an educational gap due to limited programming, the high cost of post-professional education, and demographic constraints by offering a comprehensive, accessible, affordable, and innovative education. The founder and core faculty of VHSF, Mirella Deisher,  has been involved with developing and leading clinical hand therapy fellowships since 2012 and has 

Program Overview

  • One-year curriculum 

  • AOTA Approved for 9.6 CEUs

  • Comprehensive & evidence-based

  • Delivered synchronously or asynchronously.

  • Personalized mentorship

  • Weekly group case discussions

  • Audio recordings

  • Handouts to facilitate note-taking

  • Guest speakers

The Live Weekend Lab is separate & optional 

Program Features

  • Strong community

  • International community

  • Designed to fill a knowledge gap.

  • Designed to enable critical thinking.

  • Designed to enable clinical excellence.

  • Designed to enable future leaders.

Curriculum Design

Trimester I: Foundational

• Shoulder Anatomy & Biomechanics

• Elbow Anatomy & Biomechanics

• Wrist & Hand Anatomy & Biomechanics

• Neuroanatomy & Physiology


Trimester II: Intermediate 

• Pathology & Pathomechanics

• Clinical Exam

• Interventions, Procedures, & Rehab 


Trimester III: Advanced

• Pathology & Pathomechanics

• Clinical Exam

• Interventions, Procedures, & Rehab 

 Each trimester is a prerequisite for the next. 

This scaffolded approach allows for the development of the requisite critical thinking skills.

We are trained as generalists, but through mentorship, professional development activities, and, most importantly, an evidence-based, comprehensive curriculum, clinicians demonstrate credibility and commitment to providing the highest level of evidence-based patient care in upper limb & hand therapy. This enables clinicians, whether new grads or experienced clinicians without direct hand therapy experience, to be more competitive for positions in hand therapy. 

Certified Hand Therapists
Curved Lines

"Knowledge is Power" -Thomas Jefferson




To advance expertise in examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and management of patients with upper extremity and hand impairment and disability.​



To develop leaders in the field who help bridge the gaps between practice patterns utilizing evidence-based practice and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration.



To prepare physical and occupational therapists to sit for the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) examination.​

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship Syllabus 

Program fees include: Weekly classes Handouts Weekly quizzes Lecture video recordings Lecture audio recordings Weekly group mentorship CHT practice exams Video resource library Guest speakers *Live Lab is seperate Monthly (12): $260.00 Trimester (3): $990.00 Annual (1): $2820.00

Certified Hand Therapist Training
Certified Hand Therapist Course
Certified Hand Therapist Class

Next Synchronous Cohort:

Begins April 16, 2023
Meets weekly on Sundays 3:30-5:30 pm EST
For more flexibility, begin anytime asynchronously and attend weekly live mentorship as needed.

Recordings available throughout enrollment

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