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Intro to Hand Therapy
From Generalist to Entry-Level Hand Therapist

1. Knowledge

Our 16-week curriculum begins with the foundational knowledge of anatomy, kinematics, and physiology which is integral to developing the needed critical thinking in hand therapy. From there, we scaffold 10 common upper limb & hand diagnoses  covering conservative and post operative management.  


2. Confidence

Our weekly case discussions invite an experiential learning opportunity. Clinicians and students discuss various cases that cover a multitude of diagnoses in order to get mentorship and guidance from faculty and peers. Our global community of learners includes OTs, PTs, and CHTs, all having valuable perspectives and insights to share. Confidence evolves with peer and mentor support, and the recognition that we are all lifelong learners.   


3. Competence

Our Intro to Hand Therapy was designed to support students and clinicians new to hand therapy so we have designed virtual labs to support skill acquisition in everything from evaluation to orthotic fabrication, to common interventions and exercises. The labs and curriculum can be accessed conveniently from the mobile app to support the development of competency.


4. Mastery

Mastery requires time. For this reason your enrollment period is extended to allow 6-months access. Continue using the curriculum to support patient care and reviewing content to reinforce learning. Experiential learning is also integral to mastery so in addition to our online mentorship, we invite you attend live hands-on learning labs that can be adapted to meet your learning needs.

Enrollment Information


Admissions are rolling to accommodate your timeline.

*Applications are required for student discounts.

 Intro to Hand Therapy is designed for generalists exploring hand therapy and students in hand therapy fieldwork settings. 

  • 4-month curriculum & mentorship

  • Introductory-level knowledge and skills

  • Entry-level critical thinking skills

  • Foundational knowledge of common diagnoses

  • AOTA approved to award 3.0 CEUs

  • Weekly on-demand lectures

  • Weekly mentorship session

  • Mobile app

  • VHSF Membership

  • Virtual labs:

    • Physical exam

    • Orthotic fabrication

    • Exercises & rationale

    • Interventions

Abstract Flame

"We've been educated as generalists. Our mission is to educate you as specialists."

- Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship


Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC

Bridging a Knowledge Gap in Upper Extremity & Hand Rehabilitation

Abstract Flame

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