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Mirella Deisher, OTD, MS, OTR/L, CHT

Mirella Deisher, OTD, MS, OTR/L, CHT

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC

Founder & Faculty

Bridging Access, Innovation, & Education

Enabling Clinical Excellence in Upper Extremity & Hand Therapy

I've been a practicing hand therapist for 24 years, with the opportunity to work alongside exceptional hand surgeons in orthopedic practices. I have served in various leadership roles within these same organizations, providing a platform to advocate for and develop hand therapy fellowship programs. Then in 2020, I transitioned to academia with the intent to understand the disconnect from education to practice, particularly in upper extremity and hand therapy, and to identify strategies to enable competency within this highly specialized area of practice.

The development of VHSF comes from the years of clinical practice, the eight years invested in developing clinical hand therapy fellowships, and more recently, working in academia and developing a curriculum for anatomy and neuroanatomy to link the significance of foundational knowledge to clinical practice. 

Cultivating the ability to think critically requires making knowledge meaningful, which is the basis of the fellowship design. Ultimately, it's the ability to think critically that allows us to be effective as clinicians and invites the potential for continued professional development to improve patient outcomes.

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC has been established to provide access to the advanced knowledge and skills required to effectively practice within the specialty of upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. Additionally, our expertise facilitates leadership in learning and continuous improvement in the requisite knowledge and skills for successful practice.

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