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Hand Rehabilitation Course

"We've been educated as generalists.
Our mission is to educate you as specialists."

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship

Curriculum-Based Continuing Education in Upper Limb & Hand Rehabilitation

American Occupational Therapy Association Approved Provider

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on November 29th at 8:00 pm EST

 Mirella Deisher, OTD, MS, OTR/L, CHT

Founder & Faculty
Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Certified Hand Therapist

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To fill a knowledge gap for physical and occupational therapists in upper limb and hand therapy via an online, evidence-based, curriculum, personalized mentorship, and live labs to enable advanced critical thinking in upper limb & hand therapy. 

Hand Therapy Classes


Provide a current-evidence curriculum that reflects HTCC blueprint and domains, & exam readiness resources & tools, supplemented with related mentorship to support CHT exam readiness & success.

Massage Therapy Course


To provide an introductory-level curriculum with  mentorship to generalist clinicians to broaden their clinical skills with common upper limb & hand conditions. To support student success in hand therapy clinicals.

Hand Therapy Course


Provide education and consultation to private practice groups or hospital-based clinical teams to support program development, continuing education, and the professional development.

Online Massage Therapy Course

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC

Bridging a Knowledge Gap in Upper Extremity & Hand Rehabilitation

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"The problem I had was that in my country, there were no courses or post-graduate programs being offered; however, I was adamant that I needed to bridge the knowledge gap...When I assess a new patient, I’m no longer intimidated because I have knowledge in performing differential diagnoses, and I can relate that to the history and my observations...The fellowship has been my greatest achievement in terms of career advancement. I get more referrals now from doctors, and I get to do what I have grown to love with so much knowledge gained in the specialty of hand therapy."
-Biatres Maneswa, OT

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