Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the fellowship?

The monthly fee is $ 250.00. We offer cost savings bundles. The Annual bundle saves you $300.00 over the course of the program. The Trimester bundles saves $150.00 over the course of the program. Both bundles also provide access to future content, thus there is are no refunds for content you have had access to under any circumstances. If you are enrolled in the monthly program you must submit notice of ending the program via emai. You will not be reimbursed for any content you've had access to under any circumstances. You can view and enroll in bundles by clicking the courses link on the menu, or on the Register page you can view and enroll in course bundles. Please note that there is an application that must be filled out and submitted before or at enrollment.

What can I expect for each weekly session?

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC provides a comprehensive didactic curriculum in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. The live experiential weekend session is optional and has it's own fees as well as CEUs seperate from the CEUs related to the one year curriculum.

There are required texts, and required membership to your local professional hand therapy association or society. It is also recommended that you are a member of your local or national professional association for physical or occupational therapy.

You will have a syllabus indicating weekly readings. The lecture is presented on the related topic utilizing current evidence as well as the professional expertise of faculty. Additionally, you will have handouts and a "Test Your Knowledge" quiz with each weekly session, and the recorded lecture will also be available to you. The quizzes are low stakes, and are not graded. Along with end of trimester exams, quizzes are part of your preparation to sit for the CHT exam or other compentancy related assessments. You are also invited to fill out a lecturer eval form as a means to continuously improve your learning experience.

Do I need special equipment for the virtual hand to shoulder fellowship?

  • You need to have access to a smart device with internet connection or a computer with video and audio capabilities.

What are the benefits of the Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship to a clinician or rehab team?

The purpose of the program is to provide an accessible, affordable, and a comprehensive education in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. It's purely about gaining knowledge, to empower you to be effective and successful in your practice. The added benefits are related to helping you make the transition into the specialty, if applicable, or to help you advance your career, whether you have an interest in eventual transition to leadership positions or as an educator. If you are a business owner, or rehab director, the program is designed to give your team the needed knowledge and skills to broaden your referral base for upper extremity and hand related injuries and conditions. Hand surgeons want to know they're sending their patients to clinicians that are invested and committed to delivering effective, evidence-based, and specialized care that supports and maximizes recovery, and optimal outcomes.

Will we get CEUs?

Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC is an AOTA approved provider. Completion of the one year didactic curriculum will provide roughly 96 cedit hours. The optional live weekend will be an added 14 credit hours and is billed seperately. The live events will be in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA.