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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of the fellowship?
    The fees are indicated on the enrollments page at the link below. Curriculum enrollment fees: Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, however there will be no refunds for content you've had access to under any circumstances. Subscription cancellation instructions:
  • What can I expect for each week as an enrolled VHSF fellow?
    The fellowship assigns a weekly lecture to be viewed asynchronously at a time convenient for you. This includes a weekly 10 question quiz. We then meet on Sundays for a live zoom session of experiential learning applying concepts learned from lecture to a case study. We also review the quiz and address any questions you may have. We offer 3 mentorship sessions during the week: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm EST and Wednesdays at 3 pm EST where we discuss your patients or general questions you have. Our Tuesday sessions are recorded and serve as a case study library that can be accessed throughout enrollment.
  • Do I need special equipment for the virtual hand to shoulder fellowship?
    You need to have access to a smart device with internet connection or a computer with video and audio capabilities. The only other requirement is the required textbook which is also available as an ebook. VHSF holds no financial interests in the recommended memberships or purchase of required text.
  • What are the benefits of the Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship to a clinician or rehab team?
    The purpose of the program is to provide an accessible, affordable, comprehensive education and mentorship in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. Physical and occupational therapists are educated as generalists so our mission is to educate clinicians treating the upper limb and hand as specialists. It's about gaining knowledge and learning how to use it to empower you to be effective and successful in supporting your patients to achieve their best possible outcome. The added benefits are related to helping you make the transition into the specialty, if applicable, or to help you advance your career, whether you have an interest in eventual transition to leadership positions or as an educator. If you are a business owner, or rehab director, the program is designed to give your team the needed knowledge and skills to broaden your referral base for upper extremity and hand related injuries and conditions. Hand surgeons want to know they're sending their patients to clinicians that are invested and committed to delivering effective, evidence-based, and specialized care that supports and maximizes recovery, and optimal outcomes. Find out about group rates and company specific cohorts. We can also bring the live weekend lab to you. Email us to learn more:
  • Will we get CEUs?
    Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC is an AOTA, CBOT, CPTA, and CPD approved provider. Completion of the one year didactic curriculum will provide 144 contact hours or 14.4 CEUs. CHT Exam Prep awards 5.2 CEUs, Intro to Hand Therapy awards 3.0 CEUs. All curriculums are AOTA approved. Live weekends are separate enrollments that are AOTA approved and offer an added 14 credit hours. The live events will be in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA, however, you may request the live weekends to be held at your facility by emailing us at :
  • Does the fellowship qualify me to take the CHT exam?
    In order to qualify to sit for the CHT exam, you must be a licensed physical or occupational therapists for a minimum of three years. You must also have documented evidence of 4,000 practice hours treating upper limb or hand related conditions. You can read more about this at The 4,000 practice hours do not include education related hours; they must be clinical. The fellowship curriculum and mentorship can support your efforts to obtain a job that would allow you to accrue the needed clinical hours. Enrollment in the fellowship reassures a prospective employer that you are taking needed measures to grow your knowledge and skills in a comprehensive manner. More importantly, it reassures them that you will have mentorship that they may not have the time or resources to provide someone with little to no experience. The curriculum does prepare you for the CHT exam and we also offer over 800 practice questions throughout your enrollment.
  • How does the fellowship prepare me to sit for the CHT exam?
    The fellowship offers a one year evidence-based curriculum in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation and address all the identified domains and topics identified on the HTCC exam blueprint. Our comprehensive curriculum is supplemented with mentorship throughout enrollment. Weekly quizzes and trimester CHT practice exams are designed to support exam readiness and amount to over 800 test questions. While the fellowship has all the built in tools to help you prepare for the CHT exam, it was designed to serve bigger purpose. Namely to fill a gap in knowledge for therapists that want to specialize in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. This is accomplished through both our curriculum and mentorship. If you already have advanced knowledge in upper limb and hand therapy and your primary goal is exam readiness only, VHSFs CHT Exam Prep curriculum was designed for this purpose. Learn more about exam prep here:
  • Do you accept international students?
    Yes, provided that applicants meet the requirements to practice as a physical or occupational therapist within their home country, international students may apply. International applicant should email us at to learn about international cohorts and associated fees.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    A subscription can be cancelled anytime but there are no refunds for content you've had access to under any circumstances. Follow below instructions to cancel your subscription:
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