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What a Virtual Hand to Shoulder Therapist Can Offer That “Dr. Google” Cannot.

We all love the ease of “Dr. Google”. I’ve searched for everything from, “Why is my toddler refusing to poop?” to “Why does my knee hurt after doing the elliptical for an hour and a half?”

Dr Google definitely has its perks. You can ask anything and you’re sure to get an immediate response; many of them in fact. Not to mention you can do this without leaving the comfort of your home, and without the need to get a referral, pay a deductible or a co-pay.

The problem is that “Dr. Google” cannot diagnose you, nor provide treatment options that are specific to your unique needs. Most of us understand that no online resource is a replacement for a consult with a doctor or therapist. However, delaying the appropriate treatment by trying to self-diagnose through “Dr. Google” can result in more costly and invasive measures to effectively treat the injury or condition. Subsequently, it can also result in a much longer recovery and rehabilitation process.

Even if you already have a reliable diagnosis, such as a wrist fracture for example, and you are looking for exercises after cast removal, online sources vary widely in recommendations as well as credibility. Additionally, there could be other unidentified factors that may slow or complicate the healing process; perhaps making the standard therapy exercises nontherapeutic and even counterproductive.

That’s not to say doing a google search doesn’t hold value. The internet can be a valuable tool to get informed, collaborate with the appropriate specialist, and achieve your best health outcome. It just needs to be put into proper context. With the ease and availability of telerehabilitation your virtual hand therapist can do a thorough assessment, prescribe the appropriate strategies and exercises to restore function, and be available to answer questions or modify your program as healing progresses.

At Virtual Hand to Shoulder Institute, LLC we offer free consultations to determine if teletherapy is right for you. We are specialists in treating the upper extremity and hand, and whether you’re an athlete or musician looking to return to play, or just needing to get back to normal daily function we are here to serve you. We are also skilled with restoring upper extremity and hand function after a stroke, or other disabling illness. We are currently serving Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, Florida, Massachusetts, Alaska, and soon California, and Texas.

Please visit our website at and feel free to call, email, or set up a free consult for any questions you may have. We value your privacy and use a HIPPA compliant therapy platform.



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