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VHSF International Program

     Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC has always been about more than education.  It's been about cultivating leaders in upper limb & hand rehabilitation who value evidence-informed practice and achieving clinical excellence for the good of our patients. 

      VHSF offers a one-year comprehensive, evidence-based didactic curriculum in upper limb and hand therapy that can be completed at a time most convenient for you. Mentorship occurs in live sessions, and VHSF International accommodates different time zones.  

      To further bridge gaps, we have invited VHSF graduates from different regions to support access while cultivating leadership skills and supporting their continued professional development.

We currently have two ambassadors serving the Middle East and countries in Southern Africa to help increase awareness of the specialty of hand therapy and support access to advanced-level, evidence-based education in upper extremity & hand rehabilitation in these regions.

Noor Alkhatee, BSc., OTR, of Jordan is the VHSF ambassador for the Middle East.

Ingrid Griessel, OT, of South Africa, ambassador for Southern Africa.


Noor Alkhatee, BSc., OTR
Ingrid Griessel, OT
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