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VHSF Fieldwork Support Program

Launch:  December 2022



     Virtual Hand to Shoulder Fellowship, LLC is bridging the transition from student to clinician by offering a curriculum to support fieldwork success in settings that necessitate competency in treating upper limb and hand conditions. As faculty of an OTD program, I quickly appreciated the importance of experiential learning to illustrate the significance of foundational knowledge, namely, anatomy and neuroanatomy, to clinical practice. Case studies and video vignettes are helpful, but until a student is face-to-face with a patient, it's hard for them to fully appreciate the value and importance of this foundational knowledge, particularly in supporting the remediation of impairments. 

      Therefore, VHSF has created a curriculum to support fieldwork success for students in physical disability fieldwork settings that will be responsible for treating upper limb & hand impairments and disabilities. The VHSF Fieldwork Support Program also supports the clinical site by offering supplemental mentorship resources, and we are happy to collaborate with fieldwork supervisors to help the student's learning needs. If you are a university or prospective fieldwork site that would like to learn more, please email us at info@virtualhandfellowship.com.

Monthly Fee: $100.00

We are currently accepting applications. Rolling admissions. 

VHSF Fieldwork Support Syllabus