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Noor Alkhateeb, OTR

I graduated from the University of Jordan in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy. I then had the opportunity to work as Occupational therapist in the orthopedic and hand therapy setting for 5 years where I had the opportunity to develop, organize and start occupational therapy activity at my work and start my career in hand therapy along the way.

During this period, I had the experience of working with various hand injuries and upper extremity diagnoses, and it became more than a job, it became a passion.  So, I made sure to take many trainings and courses in hand therapy, and in the past year in 2021 when I met Mirella, and started the VHSF program and mentorship which was a strong assist to my clinical experience.

During this journey I realized that in the middle east there is a shortage in therapists specialized in hand therapy, which is because of the lack of proper channels that prepare and help therapist in connecting their clinical experience with the knowledge and the latest evidence practice in hand. VHSF program is structured in a way that help clinicians to think critically and understand the science behind their practice aligned with the need to develop the hand practice and in the middle east. This is where the idea of creating  a VHSF program designed for the Middle East arises, in the hope of  growing and facilitating excellence in the hand therapy practice and help therapists specialize and get certified in hand therapy.